Sunday, February 23, 2014

Learning Day 3.2

Yesterday turned out to be a great day with Baby Doll.  Ok ... so after 3.1 post Daddy changed Baby Doll several more times with the gentel cleaning of my pussy, and much more sampling of Daddy's favorite Dessert .... my pussy tastes so good -- proud of Baby Doll for taking such good care of her Daddy's pussy.  Then we headed to bed after dozing off on the couch.  Baby Doll then proceeded to put her Daddy to sleep with a BJ that would win an Emey award in the porn industry.

Baby Doll woke up extreamly early on Sat (like 4am early) and went down stairs.  About 7am Baby Doll came up and cuddled next to Daddy.  The next think I know, I am having amazing sex ... whoa ... Baby Doll is fired up .... going to be a great day.

We went down and Baby Doll made us tea and we chillaxed for a while ... mostly waiting for our oldest to wake up.  All along I hesitated on changing Baby Doll, I wanted her to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed ... as she should feel when saying no to her Daddy, but when I did change her, I talk about learning day, asking her why we are having a learning day, and make sure Baby Doll understands why we are having this Learning Day.   The I would bring her to Daddys side of the bed and sting her arse just a little with the paddle.  I was looking a these little spankings as a warning flare of what is to come later ... kind of getting her "warmed" up.

After the oldest left with his dad, Daddy decided that we go for a ride.  We packed up the little one, and Daddy freshly diapered Baby Doll.   We drove for about and hour, then we picked up some fast food ( which is a kind of treat where we live ... we did drive an hour ... hehe).

On our way back, Daddy sent Baby Doll into the store to get a beverage for later.  Her diaper was pretty full, and Baby Doll blushed and quietly said Daddy.   I smiled and told her to go get the beverage.   She knew not to argue ... 1 little one was in the back, and 2 it was learning day.  This is hard for Baby Doll, it is embarrassing especially with these plastic diaper ... they make a lot of noise.

Once we got home, we ate so food and drank some beverages.   Soon, I sent Baby Doll to the shower and brought down her Baby Doll Dress new Baby Doll socks, her hair bow and pacifier.

After Baby Doll was dressed, I sent her up stairs to assume the position, over the 3 pillows Daddy placed in the middle of the bed.  Then I hopped in the shower.  While Baby Doll was waiting, she stared at the wooden paddle that she was about to get spanked with.

Went I came up, I let baby doll know that she has been a very good girl today, but today was also a learning day.   This spanking is to reinforce never saying no to Daddy.   I started with a gentle but stinging paddle of both cheeks, followed by a serier of center spankings.

Then I went over to Baby Doll and kissed her and talked about learning day and how much I love her.

Then I went back and took her temp ... giving her arse a break.  Once the temp was taken, she was paddled good ... probably about 20 good spanks per cheek with a finish of 10 centered ones.  Then got Baby doll work up.  I again, went talk talked with her ... more this time to see how she was holding up ... and she was fine.

This time I placed a glove on and lubed up my fingers.   I slowly slipped them into her anus, and gently worked on streching her anus ... she has a new toy Daddy wants to get in there.  After getting my fingers in as far as they would go and streched for a while, I removed my fingers.  Her arse was getting lube on her cheeks.

Time for the final spanking ... I was more firm and the spankings we longer.  Baby Doll started flailing so I had to hold her down.  The lube making the paddle stick to her arse.  Then the spankings were over.

Daddy comforted Baby Doll and diaperes her.  We went down stairs ... and enjoyed the rest of the evening together until we fell asleep on the couch ... lucky of Baby Doll as she got out of the evening spanking.

Well we are going to have a few drinks and some snacks. Then Baby Doll will take a shower and there will be an immediate inspection. Then I will take her to the bedroom and brighten up her *** ... then diaper her and back to drinks.

All along after the shower Baby Doll will be in the Baby Doll Dress Daddy bought her .... with a lot of dipping in the honey along the way.